Langedijk is a municipality where originality is properly valued. The boat trips are very exciting. Fishing, surfing, diving, swimming, sailing, everything is possible. The following nearby locations rent out boats and canoes.


  • Playground and waterpark “De Swaan”, Wagenweg 2 (Geestmerambacht), 4.3 km ( a 7 minute drive), 0226-391883
    De Swaan is the biggest playground in Noord-Holland. Among many other things, boattrips can be made on appointment. De Swaan has a huge bouncy castle, several playgrounds, a go-cart track, a soccer field, etc. Regularly special fun days are organized, like legoday, watching lambs, and a Halloween party. Furthermore, De Swaan offers the possibility to rent all sorts of bikes.


  • Museum Broeker Veiling, Museumweg 2, 4.6 km (9 minutes by car), 0226-313807
    Several kind of boatrips are possible.
  • Rondvaart Langedijk, Oudepad 6, 4.9 km (10 minutes by car), 0653569939 or 0226-314039
    In accordance with the owner of the boats, several kind of boattrips are possible
  • Kano- en fluisterbotenverhuur Marktzicht, Dorpsstraat 95, 6.3 km (13 minutes by car), 0226-313831
  • Next to renting boats and canoes, this a nice place to have something to eat and to drink.


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