The friendly village of Schoorl lies beside the highest and widest dunes in the country. This coastal village probably has the most beautiful dune area in North Holland, but has always remained humble. At the bottom of the 50+ metre-high climbing dune – where children gleefully roll to the bottom – is the same café that has been here for over a century. And the trees? They have grown just as old.
Schoorl can rightfully refer to itself as a National Park and has over 60 kilometres of hiking paths. Walk beside heaths, forests, the bird lake and over the dunes that are sometimes as wide as 5 kilometres. De Kerf is also unique to this region: a natural inlet in the dunes where sea water flows into the dunes at high tide. This is the natural habitat of the green woodpecker and the rare night swallow and during the summer months white orchids blossom everywhere.
Furthermore, the finest, most challenging and demanding mountain bike course in the Netherlands can be found here. Substantial climbs, loose sand and beautiful panoramas ensure that you work up a sweat with love. After a day of hiking or cycling you’re bound to spend some time on one of the many terraces or enjoy a bite to eat in the cosy restaurants.
Schoorl lies at a distance of 9.7 km (a 15 minute drive).

At the beautiful wide sand beach of Bergen aan Zee you are, of course, able to bath in the sun and swim in the North Sea. It is possible to rent sunbeds, loungers and windscreens. Bergen aan Zee is a true paradise for wind surfers, board- and kitesurfers.
It’s great to go out for dinner at the terrace of one of the many beach pavilions. It’s also possible to have a lovely meal at sunset, a real delight. Not only during summer the beach is attractive, it is possible to make beautiful beach walks all through the year. Especially when a hard wind blows the waves and the sea offer a fascinating view. The tranquility and the beautiful nature make sure you will reload your battery.
The centre is the décor for artistic- and art markets during summer. Since the beginning of the 19th century, a lot of artist have been living in the area. Painters, writers and architects have marked their stamp on this little resting place. Art markets, festivals, expositions and guided tours are regularly being held.
Bergen lies at a distance of 14.2 km (a 22 minute drive).

Egmond aan Zee is a village that lays in the middle of the dunes and right next to the sea. It is the perfect seaside resort for those who love the sun, the tranquility and the nature. Hiking and cycling through the beautiful dunes and strolling along abandoned sand paths is still possible here. Egmond aan Zee offers you beautiful wide beaches, a cosy centre and a breathtakingly dune area. The more than excellent fish restaurants for the real connoisseurs are within walking distance from the beach.
Egmond consists of three cores that have a unique character. Egmond aan Zee with its beautiful wide beach, pavilions, sail- and surf possibilities, the cosy centre with touristic shops, terraces and restaurants. Egmond Binnen with its colourful flowers on the tulip fields and a monastery which is still in use, and finally Egmond aan de Hoef which gives you insight in the tumultuous history at the ruins of the castle of Lamoraal van Egmond. Thus, there is enough to see and to do.
Egmond lies at a distance of 21.2 km (a 29 minute drive).

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