• Museum Broekerveiling, Museumweg 2, Broek op Langedijk, +31(0)226-313807
    At Museum BroekerVeiling you can experience the story of Dutch horticulture and trade at the oldest sail-through auction in the world. The museum program consists – among other things – of an exhibition on agriculture, explaining the history and unique challenges that came with being an agriculturist in the Realm of a Thousand Islands, a boat trip through what remains of the Realm of a Thousand Islands, and last but not least a demonstration auction in the first and now only surviving sail-through auction in the world.
    De Broekerveiling lies at a distance of 4.5 km (a 9 minuten drive).
  • Museam zo was ‘t, Dubbelebuurt 15a, Broek op Langedijk, +31(0)72-5646788
    Upon entering, you’ll taste the atmosphere of the beginning of the 19th century. In this small museum you’ll find the clothing worn in North from 1800 to 1900.
    De Broekerveiling lies at a distance of 6.5 km (a 13 minute drive).
  • Het Regthuis, Dorpsstraat 861, Oudkarspel
    Het Regthuis consists of a weddingroom (where people still get married) and an acient room with all sorts of objects dating from 1900s. In the attic you’ll find an exhibition room.
    Het Regthuis lies at a distance of 400 m.


  • Stedelijk museum Alkmaar, Canadaplein 1, +31(0)72-5489789
    Stedelijk Museum Alkmaar presents the past in changing interactive presentations showcasing superb collections of old and early modern paintings and decorative art. ‘The Golden Age’, ‘Victory!’ and ‘Portrait of Alkmaar’ shed light on the city’s glorious history. The museum presents a surprising display of its fine collection of works by the Bergen School. This exhibit places the heyday of North Holland expressionism in a broad context.
    Het stedelijk museum Alkmaar lies at a distance of 12.6 km (a 19 minute drive).
  • Hollands cheesemuseum, Waagplein 2, +31(0)72-5155516
    Overlooking the world famous square Waagplein in Alkmaar, the Hollands Kaasmuseum has been the go-to spot for cheese ever since 1983. Housed within a monumental building in the North-Holland town of Alkmaar, the museum has a unique collection of historical artifacts. The museum puts the spotlight on the two most famous cheeses of the Netherlands: Edammer and Gouda cheese. Learn about the making of cheese, the world famous cheese market and rural life in the Dutch countries, and admire paitings and artifacts from the Hollands Zuivelarchief. At set times, interactive presentations are being held at the ‘theatre’of the museum. Children have their own section with interactive games and videos, and may enjoy the specially laid out scavenger hunt.
    Hollands cheesemuseum lies at a distance of 14.4 km (a 20 minute drive).
  • Het Beatles museum, Pettemerstraat 12A, +31(0)638305895
    In the recently developed ’Cultural Corner’ of Alkmaar – near the station – the ‘Beatlesmuseum Alkmaar’ has conquered its undeniable spot. Here you’ll come across the largest private collection about this popular 60’s band, The Beatles. In this enormous building (1200m2) you’ll find a gigantic exhibition of unique items from the Fab Four from Liverpool. No other Beatlesmuseum can compete with the items exhibited here. You can also enjoy special sound- and filmrecordings in an especially equipped room. You can even have your picture taken on Abbey Road or in front of an enormous Sgt. Pepper album cover. A guided tour can be arranged and there are several theme exhibitions.
    In the shop you can infinitely browse through Beatles and Beatles related albums, books and other things. Besides this, there’s also space for other groups and artists.
    Het Beatles museum lies at a distance of 11.4 km (a 16 minute drive).
  • House with the bullet, Appelsteeg 2
    In the old center of Alkmaar, close to the Waag (and cheese-market) you find the “House with the bullet”. The cannon ball is still clearly visible in the wall. The “House with the Bullet” gets its name from the fact that during the Spanish siege of 1573 a cannonball hit the house.
    The house with the bullet lies at a distance of 11.4 km (a 16 minuten drive).
  • The National Beer Museum, Houttil 1, +31(0)72-5113801
    Beer has been the most popular alcoholic beverage in these parts of the world for a few thousand years. But how is it brewed? What exactly is malt and why is yeast so important? You can find out all about it when you visit De Boom National Beer Museum in Alkmaar.
    This unique museum – appropriately housed in a former brewery – introduces you to the tools, equipment and machines which have played a key role in the production of this ‘golden brew’ in the past two centuries. Video and film presentations and QR-codes will give you an impression of brewing in the past and today. Antique vehicles – including a handcart and an ice-sleigh – help you imagine how the barrels were transported. Posters and other types of advertising, beer bottles and glasses give you an impression of the many small and large breweries in the Netherlands.
    The National Beer Museum lies at a distance of 11.4 km (a 16 minute drive).


  • Kranenburgh, Hoflaan 26, +31(0)72-5898927
    Museum Kranenburgh presents the work of artists who lived close to Bergen at the beginning of this century. Contemporary art of other artists can be found here as well.
    Kranenburgh lies at a distance of 16.7 km (a 23 minute drive).

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